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Midsummer Madness Sunday 22nd June 2014 in Leon Rec.

This event reminds some of us of the Bletchley Carnivals of years gone by. For instance in 1969 the Carnival Parade through the town to Manor Fields, was watched by thousands of people lining the entire route.The floats were then judged and prizes awarded.

Scot Meats Company won the trade section with highland flings to the skirl of Bob Pope’s bagpipes. On the back of their float was a Loch Ness monster, chewing a string of Scot sausages.

The Royal Naval association won the voluntary section with a colourful effort showing sailing through the ages from the times of Nelson.

To see this year’s activities come to Midsummer Madness in the Leon Rec. will include various craft stalls, activities for the children, and much more.

Bletchley Carnival 1969 on Bletchley Road

Bletchley Carnival Parade in 1969 on Bletchley Road


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We seemed to have more visitors to our stall than ever for this most recent Love Bletchley Day.  We had a very busy day talking to loads of people about Bletchley’s past, many asking questions about our photos or the places and faces in them.  But we also had some welcome offers of donations or loans of images and other Bletchley memorabilia.  And some knowledgeable locals were able to help with some of our own mysteries.

Love Bletchley September 2013

Love Bletchley September 2013

Many thanks to Bletchley & Fenny Stratford Town Council for hosting the event and enabling us to reach a wider audience.  It was great to see so many visitors to Queensway on a Saturday; it reminded many of the old days and gives hope for the future of the town.

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Bletchley & Fenny Stratford Town Council’s next Love Bletchley day is on September 21.

Love Bletchley

We’ll be there again with a small display of photos and there will be lots of other things to see and do along Queensway.  This is a great opportunity for letting the councils and entrepreneurs know that there is life in Bletchley and that it’s a place worth investing in.

So come along and spend a little time with us on the day.

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If you read this blog regularly you may be interested in:

Free Events in our area 12-15 September – please check publicity for details


Bletchley Park – free entry to those with MK postcode

Bletchley Community Heritage – exhibition on Bletchley’s trade and industry

Adult Continuing Education – exhibition of photos of local heritage sites

The Viewfinder Project – public participation drawing at Rectory Cottages

Stadium MK – Ring of Steel open to the public

MK Council Archaeology Department – Walking tour of Ouzel Valley

And there’s lots more throughout Milton Keynes – pick up the 2013 events listings booklet at Westfield Road Library.

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Carnival time

'Mr Men' in the 2011 parade

I’ve just seen photos of the recent West Bletchley Carnival parade for 2011.  An impressive turnout – congratulations to all those involved for their hard work and creativity.   I was stuck in a marquee when the parade was on, setting up the usual BCHI  photograph display with the help of our volunteers.  It makes me think about  the old Bletchley Carnival Week – the Bletchley Gazette used to be full of reports from these events in the 1960s and 1970s.   Did you take part – on a float in the parade, in sports or other events?  There must be some great memories out there.

Carnival Parade, Queensway 1970s

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Heard it before?  Well it’s not surprising; we’ve found the comment in old local newspapers going back as far as 1950.  But has it ever really been true? 

Outing to a jazz club, 1960s

In the last 60 years Bletchley has grown and changed but throughout that time there have been activities, clubs, social groups and events of all types reported in the local press.  A range of entertainment from local performers to international artistes has been offered at various venues.  And there have been enough sports around to hold an Olympics.  So why do we keep hearing it?

Octopus Motorcycle Club outside St Martin's Hall

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It’s 60 years since the Festival of Britain which ran from May to September 1951.  Bletchley Community Heritage wants to mount a display of memories and photos of that huge effort to beat the post-war blues.  Did you visit the London exhibition halls?  Did you attend any of the local Festival events arranged by Bletchley Urban District Council and other organisations?  If so, we’d love to hear from you.  

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Bletchley Carnival Week – were you there?  The Carnival Week was a big feature each August and many people have fond memories of those times.  It disappeared in the 1970s after the local town council ceased.   But since 2002 we’ve had two separate summer events – West Bletchley Carnival and Midsummer Madness.  Have you been involved in these events?   Do you have any photos?

West Bletchley Carnival will be held on Saturday 11th June 2011 at Rickley Park from 1pm.  The parade will leave Melrose Avenue at 1pm, making its way up Whaddon Way, turning into Shenley Road.

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