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It’s good sometimes just to reminisce, believe you me we do a lot of that when we are working on Talk About Bletchley. Over the next few weeks I will be inserting some adverts we have found in old copies of The Bletchley Gazette, just to start off here’s a few from the Bletchley Co-operative Society in 1951.

For those of you old enough to remember the prices charged are all in the old currency obviously, £ s d, long before decimilization took place. Some may argue that you could purchase a lot more then for your money, others will counter that and say, ‘well our wages were a lot lower’! However you feel we cannot halt the passage of time, but it’s good to look back and see what things were really like 66 years ago!


Brake Blocks Worn Out

From Bletchley Gazette 2/11/57

When P.C. Pike stopped a cyclist from Warwick Road, Bletchley, and examined his brakes, he found the rear brake block completely worn away.

At Bletchley Magistrates court the cyclist wrote pleading guilty and was fined £1 for cycling with inefficient brakes.


Presentation in Studio Cinema foyer – 1984

A Royal Air Forces Association (RAFA) presentation in the foyer of The Studio. This is the only photo we have of the interior of the cinema. Does it bring back memories for you? Do you have photos taken inside the building?

A Romany Caravan


The photo shows a family of romany  folk and their caravan at Stoke Hammond, a rare site nowadays.

AWA P032 Canal Barges at Fenny Lock

Narrow Boats in Fenny Stratford Lock

The photo shows a pair of working boats (known as barge and butty). The boats carried bulk materials such as coal, flour etc. When I was a boy my mother used to take me to see some friends, Mr and Mrs Smith who lived in a cottage at Fenny Lock. She knew a lot of the ‘bargees.’

Now, there are not many working boats, they have been converted to pleasure boats, which are hired out for holidays, or privately owned.

ESS P126

Water Eaton Lane, Fenny Stratford.

Mr Porter prefers the country. Stage and television actor Eric Porter has recently come to live in Bow Brickhill. Mr Porter is probably best known as Soames Forsythe in The Forsyte Saga on BBC T. V

In April we posted an article about the County Cinema.


This is a photo of the Chapel that predated the cinema.

Before it was a cinema