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As we all know 2012 heralds the much-awaited Olympic Games in the UK. However, not to be overshadowed it is also the 50th Anniversary of the Westfield Road library in Bletchley as well.

Bletchley has a long tradition of libraries; the first library being in the Bletchley Community Centre in George Street, when this outgrew itself it moved to larger premises at Holne Chase. I was a pupil at Holne Chase school and can vividly remember using the library, this was my first introduction into the magical world of strangely named ‘fiction and non-fiction’ – this for me created an insatiable interest over the years in the printed word.

Again, the need for larger premises led to the present library being built in Westfield Road. This has served the community well and its popularity is as strong now as it was in the early days. However, nowadays the library has so much more to offer! As well as a very diverse selection of books it also has a good selection of CDs and DVDs, plus a selection of audio tapes. There is a large internet suite where visitors to the library can access areas of interest on-line. A newer facility also is the availability to download audio on-line.

The much loved Children’s Story Time!

I have been asked recently what types of book I like to read; although I’m not an amateur sleuth I do like a good old ‘period’ detective novel. Let us know your favourite author; and what’s your preference, fiction or non-fiction?


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I was somewhat dismayed to overhear two gentlemen at Bletchley Library say, ‘It’s not like it used to be’! No, they were not complaining about our ‘excellent library service’, they were in fact being rather disparaging toward Bletchley itself. Looking at it realistically though Bletchley will never be able to compete against its ‘younger brother’ up the road at Central MK, however it does ‘still’ have an excellent community spirit and this was in evidence at the ‘I Love Bletchley’ event on May 12.

A beautiful bright sunny day brought out the crowds, the smiles on their faces showed they were enjoying themselves. Also, an enlarged market and many decorated stalls, plus some street entertainment gave a fresh look to Queensway.

Wouldn’t it be nice to think that this is the start of a rejuvenated Bletchley?

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