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Quite often we get pictures handed over to us at BCHI that sometimes are difficult to identify, have a look at the picture and see what you think. Looking at certain aspects of the photograph you could possibly link it with the mid to late 1800s. The lovely old thatched cottages to the left of the picture might possibly no longer be there, but then you may recognise something else. I must be perfectly honest with you, we do have a rough idea of what area of Bletchley we feel this is, however rather than influence your thoughts we will not mention this at the moment. 

Do spend a few minutes and let us know what you think, if this is popular we will introduce more ‘mystery pictures’ over the coming months.


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Julie Rowe one of our visitors to TalkAboutBletchley commented on the post, What do you remember about the brick making industry? Many of her family and friends worked at the London Brick Company over many years until the Bletchley site closed down. One of her vivid memories were the Christmas parties that were given for the children of LBC staff. I did mention that we had some pictures of these events so hope they will be useful. The first picture is from the 1950s and was given to us some time ago; our second picture is a clip from the Bletchley Gazette and was about ten years later. I hope that the pictures bring back memories and perhaps you may recognise old friends and acquaintances.

I’m not too sure of the venue of this photograph because it does not seem to be the old LBC Social Club in Selbourne Avenue, Bletchley

(Just a quick tip – to make the pictures larger just ‘double-click’ the picture with the mouse on your computer!)

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On Friday 1st June Bletchley Library held a Jubilee Party, a chance for people to reminisce about our Queen and their memories of her. The staff worked really hard putting a colourful display together and making cakes for the occasion. It was a lovely afternoon and all the guests said how much they enjoyed themselves!


These are some of the lovely comments about the afternoon…

“Thanks for a lovely tea party to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee, we enjoyed it very much. Keep up the good work. Always things of interest going on in this bright lively library, friendly staff too.”

 “I think the library staff should be congratulated on organising this delightful event!”

 “The Jubilee tea party was great. The ladies had gone to a lot of trouble re. cakes etc. and the pictures were lovely. I have used this library for 22 years and have always found the staff very kind & helpful, they are all wonderful”

 “The Jubilee was a lovely, friendly gathering. It was good to chat to other locals. The food was very tasty. Well done librarians!”

“A brilliant afternoon Jubilee tea. Homemade cakes wow! Met & chatted to new people, well done library staff”


Keep an eye out for other events in Bletchley Library!

It’s our 5oth Birthday in December!


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Quite often I’ve heard the comment that the British are ‘not too good at celebrating’! Well, after the last few days surely that view must have been finally dispelled. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations have brought out the smiles and the best in people despite what the weather had in store for us, for four days everybody has hopefully been able to forget the ‘frail monetary situation’ and the the ‘troubles of the world’!

The Queen’s Coronation in 1953 I remember well, being at school at the time I do remember having a celebratory party in the school playground on long trestle tables, at the end of it we were all presented with a mug to mark the occasion. Thinking of parties, does anyone remember what celebrations they had; it’s a long time ago now but you must have a few photographs tucked away somewhere, please come and show them to us at BCHI.

Now, I’ve talked about the past but now it’s your turn to let us know ‘what you were doing over the weekend’? Possibly, a street party, or maybe just watching events leisurely on the ‘telly’ at what was going on in London and around the country. Whatever, I think we must all agree that the Queen has done a  ‘pretty good job over the last 60 years!’

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