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This month’s mystery picture relies mainly on the viewer’s memory as the main feature of the photo disappeared long ago. I’m sure someone out there will recognise it.


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Back by popular demand – Living Archive and the Projected Picture Trust present a compilation of films from Bletchley’s past.  Queen’s Pool, Bletchley Carnival, Marshall’s and charity events are among the subjects featured.

As part of the national ‘Heritage Open Days’ events these films are being shown at the Enigma Cinema in Bletchley Park on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th September.  Tickets are FREE and are available from Bletchley library (or you can order them at The MARC in Melrose Avenue – just speak to Herb).  So if you want to see if any of the faces are familiar – or you just want to see Bletchley as it was, get your free tickets now.

And while you’re there  have a look around the galleries of Bletchley Park museum – there’s so much to see – why not make a day of it?

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Well done Greg!

Ever since the day when the Olympic flame reached Bletchley the country has become embroiled in the fervour of London 2012! For many of us the aspirations of ever participating in such an event are beyond our wildest dreams. However, congratulations to the fortunate few who have reached the high standards of excellence through dedication and in many cases personal sacrifice.

Day 8 at London 2012 will be forever etched in our mind; six Olympic Golds and one of those was achieved by local athlete Greg Rutherford. Greg’s momentous leap of 8.31m made you feel good to be British!

Greg Rutherford, Olympic Champion!

See you-tube link:


With the Olympic theme in mind BCHI have a small photographic exhibition on display, not the modern Olympians but local sporting activities over the years. Also on display in ‘pride of place’ is the British vest worn by Emma Beale our Bletchley athlete who ‘did us proud’ in the ’80s. Whatever level you have achieved yourselves it is ‘taking part that counts’ and most importantly to have been ‘modest in victory and gracious in defeat’! If you have any photographs or memories regarding your sporting activities please let us know.

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Bletchley Council Offices

The above photograph shows the air raid siren to the left of the building. which after the war was used as a fire siren which told the then part time firemen that their services were required. The telephone box and seat in the foreground were removed long ago.

Bletchley U.D.C. was instrumental in Bletchley becoming a London overspill town in the 1950s. The Saint’s was the first housing estate built for this purpose, and by 1953 the thousandth Bletchley post war council house was opened by Harold Macmillan.

Many factories were built on the Denbigh Estate to provide work for the town’s new and old residents. Those of us who were already living in the town certainly benifitted from the the increase in jobs available.

Group outside the Council Offices on the occasion of the coronation of King George VI

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