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Mokaris Cafe

In Michael Green’s recent comment on the ‘Mod or Rocker’ post he adds some great memories about his family’s business.  He also mentions the Mokaris cafe – a photo featured in one of our earlier posts. ‘Anyone for Coffee?’  To add to this, here’s a photo of the interior that may take you back through the years.

Mokaris Cafe

It’s great to read your stories of the coffee shops and other Bletchley gathering places.


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Music Lessons

At the old Bletchley Road Secondary Modern School we were taught music by Mr ‘Ferdie’ French. One of the text books we used contained chapters on classical composers. At the beginning of each chapter was the name of the composer. Some wag in the class had added their own prefix or suffix to the name, so we had Chopin ‘wood’, Bach ‘soon’, Offenbach ‘earlier’, ‘shopping’ Liszt, ‘door’ Handel, Haydn ‘seek’ and ‘un’ Ravel. It added a bit of light relief to what many found a rather dull lesson.

Bletchley Road School


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This year, our hosts at the library in Westfield Road are celebrating the 50th anniversary of their building, which was opened on 17th December 1962.  We’re putting together a display of photos and memories to help with the celebration and we’re looking for your stories.  Do you remember visiting the library as a child?  Do you remember the first time you brought your children to this library.  Or perhaps you’ve attended some of the events held there over the years.   You may have been a regular visitor  – do you remember a particular member of the staff?

Bletchley Library Playgroup in 1982

Any thoughts or memories will be welcome.  These are the stories that will bring the display to life.  You can comment here or send an email to bchi.info@gmail.com.  Or call in at the library with your memory on a piece of paper.  However you get them to us we’ll try to incorporate as many as we can in the exhibit in the library during December.


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We are so fortunate at BCHI to meet some lovely people with a ‘real tale to tell’! Sometimes they are a little nervous at first, however with a bit of encouragement and some ‘direct questioning’ their past lives just come back to life. One of our recent visitors was a gentleman who remembers Home Farm vividly, his parents having worked there many years ago. For those unsure where the location of the farm is it now lies at the end of Sherwood Drive; however when our gentleman friends parent’s worked there it was quite isolated and was a Stud Farm.

Just this Friday morning I was looking at some very old maps in one of our displays at Bletchley Library, one of them from 1898, this clearly showed the farm; however it was at that time named The Croft. On a later map circa 1926 it was called Home Farm and I think I am correct in saying it was then owned by the Ingram family.

It’s strange really because one thing tends to trigger off another. As youngsters we used to quite often walk across Home Farm land on one of our ‘sorties’ and one day we were chased by some young horses (colts). Whenever, you cross a field with young horses the worse thing you can do is run. Whether you can run as fast as Usain Bolt, be sure young ‘colts’ can run a lot faster! And the alarming thing is they circle round you kicking their back legs out, at the same time the circle gets smaller; the closest analogy I could think of at the time was to compare it with ‘Custer’s Last Stand’. Anyway, it happened to some of us and we were shouted at by one of the grooms from Home Farm to stand still, a slightly alarming comment especially when you are being pursued by a group of young horses who dare I say, ‘just want to play’! Nevertheless, after a short lecture by the groom we went on our way!

So to summarise get them memories down on paper, or alternatively come and have a chat with us; we’re far from intimidating and love to rekindle the old brain cells! Even if you live far away, we will be pleased to hear from you.

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We have had a request from one of our visitors Julie Breedon who has family memories of Park Street, Bletchley. Park Street was one of the early casualties due to the  the redevelopment of that area and was pulled down, as Julie mentions the modern maps of Bletchley do not show where it used to be. In a previous post we have used an aerial photograph showing the location from above; hopefully this map will be a help, as you will see below I’ve included a present-day map of the area and have highlighted in red the ‘approximate’ position of where Park Street was positioned.

The selection of pictures below show it in its heyday in 1968 to the start of the road’s demolition in the ’70s.

If you double-click on the images you will be able to see the pictures larger and clearer.

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