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Bletchley’s Brickworks

In the past Bletchley’s brickworks provided work for many local people, of whom one was George Nalton, father of Sheila my wife. Although born in Yorkshire his family moved to Crewe where he served his apprenticeship as a bricklayer on the railway.

Later he transferred to Bletchley and on leaving the railway was employed by several local builders including Tranfield’s, before branching out prior to WW2 as a master bricklayer.

He was involved in a number of projects around the town, two of which were the bridge on the A5 over the river near Dobbie’s and the parade of shops with flats above them next to the Bletchley Arms in Queensway.

He also worked on some of the chimneys beside the railway at the Blue Lagoon site. Soon after the outbreak of war he was assigned to ‘essential war work’ (food production) with the Co-op bakery in Park Street. After the war he transferred to the furniture department where he stayed until his retirement.

The pictures below show my favourite view of the brickworks which were taken from the back of our house sometime between the complete demolition of the chimneys at the Newfoundout site and that of the Newton Road works, a few of which can still be seen in the distance.

Sunsets and chimneys


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Firstly, many thanks for the continued interest in our ‘monthly mystery picture’. I have to say when I first saw the picture it set me wondering about it’s location, however after some research we feel we are pretty confident of this. To confuse a little I did use Photoshop in removing the name from the fascia. You will see I have included two pictures this time, one with the name of the store F. W. Woolworth and the other (c.1938) an aerial showing the location, this I have circled with a cross in it. Also, to help and for interest purposes, I have placed captions of various roads and buildings, etc. This store was temporary and later on a permanent building was erected nearby.


P 005 Bletchley Rd (Queensway) 1938final

If you wish to look back on the original blog just click on the link below:


To enlarge the pictures just click on each photograph individually.

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Bletchley and Fenny

Bletchley and Fenny

I thought some of you might like to see this old map. The places marked are a number of those that hold my memories of living in the town.

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Our heritage isn’t just about what’s past.  Current events and experiences will go on to become part of the local heritage too and one notable initiative currently underway is the West Bletchley Public Art Project.  You can follow the project’s progress (and perhaps take part) with artist David Appleyard on the dedicated blog: www.westbletchleypublicart.co.uk. 

Graphic of key elements in the project timeline

Graphic of key elements in timeline

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Have you seen this web site featuring some interesting postcards of the area – Coghlan postcards  There are photos of Bletchley Road, Buckingham Road, and Fenny Stratford.

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