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Many thanks Rob and Steve for your comments on the March ‘mystery’ picture.  It was indeed as Rob stated the old DWS huts in Church Green Road, it may have possibly been a  Land Army billet also; see Rob’s interesting link attached to his comments, this was in my first blog titled March ‘mystery’ picture? To understand how the huts were positioned you can see the tops of the houses in Church Green Road.

DWS huts, Church Green Road

For those of you still unsure of the location I’ve circled this in red.


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With the dreary cold weather at the moment it makes you wonder when it will warm up! However, as you see the sun did shine when our ‘mystery picture’ was taken. It looks as if the windows are boarded up, so maybe it was empty at the time, or alternatively perhaps it was to keep out prying eyes – perhaps you may know?


The very best of luck, if you’re not too sure ‘have a guess’!

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