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ECOP148 Mrs Munday's shop, High Street

Mrs Munday’s shop on Fenny Stratford High Street was one of many shops between Victoria Road and Aylesbury Street which have sadly disappeared.


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When Vince came to the library today we talked about whether photos in the archive are re-touched.  As a rule we don’t do much at all unless an item is being prepared for a display.  I described an example of remedial work and then couldn’t find where I’d filed the amended version.  But now I have!

In this instance we show a damaged original which is in our archive (this property was also in Albert Street) and a little exercise I gave myself to see if I could get it somewhere near the way it would have been before it was ripped in four pieces.  With the magic of Photoshop and a lot of patience I achieved a result I was happy with – at least for web viewing.

Co-op shop in Albert Street - before

Co-op shop in Albert Street – before…

...and after.

…and after.

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Coop buildings on Albert Street

Watch the camera please!

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“The first of these two pictures, which is entitled ‘The Mad Apprentice’, was taken by the late Ron Staniford, a co-director of Bletchley Printers, circa 1947/8. It depicts Alan Kay with two of his colleagues looking on. Colin Picton (also a BP apprentice), behind his right shoulder, smiles at what’s going on and, partly hidden by the hammer to the left, is the late Bill Gee.

Co-incidentally, Bill and Alan commenced work on the same day in April 1946; Alan straight after leaving Bletchley Road Senior school at 14, and Bill following demob from the Navy after the war. Bill was meant to start the previous week but could not do so due to injury . . . Playing football!”

Alan Kay

. . . and look what the apprentice ‘morphed’ into!

“The label top left reads: ‘An Intertype operator sets copy for Stedfast Mag.’ which refers to Ron Staniford’s brainchild, the Boys’ Brigade monthly magazine; it could have been Ron who took this picture too. Or it may have been Dennis Lovatt who had joined the editorial staff and finally became Editor.”


For ‘Bletchley people at work’ comments just click on the link: https://talkaboutbletchley.wordpress.com/2013/05/21/1271/

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One of our regular contributors to this blog, Sandra Waite, visited the library today with a photo she’d been given but couldn’t work out where it had been taken. We couldn’t help at the time but said we’d try to get an answer.

Directory Enquiries. Names please?

Directory Enquiries. Names please?

Just 30 minutes after she left, a visitor was looking at our current display so I asked him to have a look at the photo to see if it ‘rang a bell’.  He was immediately able to tell us that it was the Directory Enquiries section at the GPO in Tavistock Street.

Apparently this was in a large Terrapin hut.  He didn’t know the names of the three people though, or when the photo was taken – any ideas out there?  Perhaps you might know someone who worked there who might be able to identify the faces.

We’d be delighted to see more photos like this of people at work in Bletchley and Fenny Stratford.

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Under the Living Archive banner, there will be a display of old photos at the West Bletchley Carnival on 8 June.  We should be in the tea tent as usual so please pop along and have a look and a chat.

Visitors to the 2010 exhibit on carnival day

Visitors to the 2010 exhibit on carnival day

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I’ve published three stories today from Jean that had somehow been lost in our system for a while.  Sorry about that Jean.  And thanks to Alan Kay for highlghting the issue.  I think we can avoid this in future but if you’ve added something to the blog and don’t see it on screen within a week, please let me know via email (bchi.info@gmail.com).



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