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A Nasty Shock

Music and Meter
If you are worried about your electricity bill, the solution is simple – get a piano and put it in front of the meter! Mr. Ray Holdom caused a good deal of laughter when he explained why the Bletchley Operatic Society’s electricity bill for their work hut was so small.
It appears that their piano was placed right in front of the meter and so it had not been read for some time.
Eventually a man from the Electricity Board was prepared to sit astride the piano to get a reading. He informed Mr. Holdom that they were in for a nasty shock.


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Bogus Bailiff

Search for Bogus Bailiff of Towpath
“Special Fees” Demanded from Young Anglers
A man who was demanding “special canal fees” from young anglers caused a two – day search by police, water bailiffs, and officials of the Leighton Angling Club at the week-end.
The man had taken money from children, who have every right to fish the canal, and had scrawled receipts on pages torn from a diary and signed them “Dodds” The bogus bailiff asked for money from the youngsters after telling them their Leighton or Luton Angling Club membership booklets were “not good enough”.
The Secretary of Luton Angling Club said: “we are flabbergasted that anybody could be so mean as to defraud children in this way.”

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School Holidays

First Day of Term

First Day of Term at Bletchley Road School

`The long school holiday in the summer was enjoyed by most children, especially as the weather always seemed to be good, or is my memory is failing.
I used to hate to see the ‘Back to School’ displays in the shop windows as it meant that the long break was nearly over.

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Bletchley photos!

Empire Day at Bletchley Road Infants School

Empire Day at Bletchley Road Infants School

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Bletchley photos!

Another interesting picture taken in Aylesbury Street. The gentleman standing in the doorway, is possibly William Curtis who was a tailor; the original picture had number 72 on it so it may have been the number of the residence. Over the doorway is a plaque (see enlargement), the wording is: Agent, Berrie Dyer, England. I do wonder if it may have been something to do with insurance, unless of course you know different!

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Research and illustrations compiled by Alan Kay of BCHI


If a stranger passed this way today he could never imagine that amid the bustle and noise of this major road junction there once rang the ‘laughter and squeals of delight of happy youngsters’.

A glance at the pictures superimposed on the map of the Mount Farm area shows clearly how things have changed. The arrow pointing to the centre of the island at the B.&Q. roundabout is where the children were photographed. The middle picture shows the approach to the roundabout as it is now with trees concealing the view of the water, and the third picture completes the scene with the large lake just visible beyond the swimmers.

The long summers of the late 1940s/early 50s were enjoyed by many local families who picnicked there and would spend hours relaxing in the sunshine and fresh air.


For link to the original blog in ‘Bletchley photos’ click on attached: https://talkaboutbletchley.wordpress.com/2013/08/30/bletchley-photos-8/


More interesting information from the MK Heritage site, written by John Taylor, can be accessed by clicking on the link below:


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Bletchley & Fenny Stratford Town Council’s next Love Bletchley day is on September 21.

Love Bletchley

We’ll be there again with a small display of photos and there will be lots of other things to see and do along Queensway.  This is a great opportunity for letting the councils and entrepreneurs know that there is life in Bletchley and that it’s a place worth investing in.

So come along and spend a little time with us on the day.

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