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Some of you especially dare I say ‘old locals’ will have no problem identifying this, for others it may be more of a problem; whatever have a guess!

Out for a nice Sunday stroll!

Out for a nice Sunday stroll!


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In response to a comment on talkaboutbletchley that mentioned a local footballer, Will Turnbull, one of our volunteers decided to do a little research in the local newspapers and in our own archive.  It just shows how a comment on this blog can lead us to interesting new discoveries about local people and their lives.

The result is an example of how it is possible to build a picture of a local person and their achievements, bringing their past to life with stories and photographs.  This kind of material can be a useful supplement to family recollections and anecdotes and is great for dating events and activities, particularly for genealogy and for school projects too.

You can read our research here:
w-turnbull-and-bletchley-football – Background and general information from Bletchley Gazette and W Turnbull’s family
W. Turnbull’s Football history-BG– Excel spreadsheet – extracts from reports in the Bletchley Gazette

Bletchley LMS team 1951-52  W Turnbull seated right

Bletchley LMS team 1951-52 W Turnbull seated right

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Charles Head, Tavistock Street

Charles Head, Tavistock Street

It would seem that  scrap metal theft was not an issue when this photo was taken!

A local business since Charles Head bought Charles Dunbar’s Denmark Street blacksmiths in the late 1940s, this is now a light steel constructor.  Over the years, this businessman was a local Councillor (and Council Chairman), member of many committees and a Freeman of the City of London.

Local resident, Dick Arnold quoted in ‘Bigger Brighter Better’, ‘Charlie Head – quite an exceptional man – he could sketch a farm building on the back of an envelope and build it by eye.’

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Dumped His Rubbish On Roadside 

A pile of rubbish found on the grass verge at the side of the Watling Street including a cardboard box, a number of tins, a fruit can, part of a fireside companion set, some old newspapers – and an envelope bearing the name and address of the person who dumped it! (perhaps to-day’s ‘dumpers’ are a bit more careful).


Excavator Holes 11,000 volt Cable

Factories Brought to Standstill

An 11,000 volt underground electricity cable was holed by an excavator working on the Bilton factory estate, Bletchley.

But miraculously driver Joseph Taylor, was not injured. In fact he didn’t even get a shock. Said Mr Taylor: “The Excavator just touched the cable but I didn’t feel anything”

When the cable was damaged shortly after 10.30 a.m. electricity supplies to factories on the Denbigh industrial estate and Rowland Bros. Simpson Road were automatically cut. Repairs were completed in the evening, and power was restored.



Bletchley Witnesses at Train Robbery Hearing 

Two Bletchley men gave evidence in the Great Train Robbery hearing at Aylesbury on Monday.  One of them described how a signal had been tampered with so that although it was set at green a red light was showing. He was Mr. Frank Mead a railway technician of Pinewood Drive. He said he found four telephone wires cut. On the signal gantry he found four batteries and some wire. The batteries were connected to the signal lamp to give a permanent red light. The green light was covered by a fur- lined glove.The other man was a signalman and noticed some irregular readings on the indicator in his box.

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