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I just wonder how many of you out there went to the Studio Cinema to see ‘The Ugly Dachshund’? For those of you who missed it in the 60s and wished you hadn’t, well ‘all is not lost’ because here’s a short trailer for you to catch up: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLQMQYx4y4s. Long before the the multi-screened cinema came on the scene local cinemas such as the Studio provided entertainment for many people. Do you have any happy memories of our local cinema?

As you see it looks as if it was Bletchley Carnival day when the photograph was taken, the participants on the decorated float seem very happy, in contrast the group of young people on the steps of the Studio seem less impressed!



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A busy scene in Bletchley Road, although I have no date for this it looks to me that it could have been in the early 60s. One thing that may help is that the bank on the corner of the photograph is named the Westminster Bank, this was before the bank merged with the National and Provincial and became the NatWest.

Many of you will remember the newsagents Turner & Langley and this is clearly marked on the corner of this card. I should imagine the card was probably sold by the proprietors of the shop, it does make me wonder also if the photograph was actually taken from the upstairs accommodation of the newsagents! What do you think, or have I got my positioning of the shop wrong?

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Bletchley Community Heritage in action
In the past few weeks we’ve had visits from over 80 children who attend two Bletchley schools to study aspects of Bletchley’s past with us.

Living Archive Education Officer, Helen O’Hara, led three sessions using our archive material here in the library. The first group investigated the stories of local men who took part in the First World War. We even had a memorial plaque from the old Spurgeon organ which had the name of one of the people they were researching. A big thank you to Doug Sellers for bringing that in.

The next two groups were looking at Bletchley since 1945 and we displayed a load of old photos to give them an idea of how things were and how they had changed. The also studied maps of the town. Three of our volunteers then sat with the children, answering their questions and sharing their memories of local life.

All of the children were a credit to their schools and I hope they enjoyed the sessions as much as we did.

Bletchley Road (Queensway) 1960s

Bletchley Road (Queensway) 1960s

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The last Bletchley photograph I inserted in Talk About Bletchley looked towards the railway bridge, this one although ‘a great deal older’ is looking the other way down Bletchley Road. Can anybody identify any of the old buildings?, some of these remained for many years until they were demolished for shops.


Nowadays we are plagued by 'potholes' in the roads, mind you looking at this picture the road does not look too good!

Nowadays we are plagued by ‘potholes’ in the roads, mind you looking at this picture the road does not look too good!



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50 Years Ago

Siren Will Not Cease

The fire siren in Bletchley will continue to wail each time each time the alarm is raised.The Council asked the fire brigade, in view of the fact that Bletchley now has a full time station staff, if they would stop using it. But the Chief Fire Officer replied that as the full time firemen are still supported by part time personnel the use of the siren would still have to continue. Eventually the siren will be sited on the new Fire Station in Sherwood Drive.         ( the siren used at the moment is the old air raid siren at the council offices).

Centenary Tribute To Akroyd Stuart

The centenary of the birth of Herbert Akroyd Stuart, who developed the world’s first operational at Bletchley, was marked when a stone tablet was unveiled on the site of his old workshop by the Chairman of Bletchley Urban District Council, Cllr. Charles Head. The tablet was provided by the Bletchley Co-operative Society, the tablet being on the Denmark Street wall of the society’s Victoria Road Branch.

Now Bletchley Can Really ‘Go Places’

The football world is jealous of Bletchley for securing Mr. Bob Morton (formerly a Luton Town player) as player-manager, said Club Chairman Mr. George Malster, at the Football Club’s annual meeting on Tuesday. The was was clear for Bletchley really to go places, he said, provided they gave Mr. Morton the complete control of the side, and did not meddle at all.

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