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Many of the older residents cherish with happy memories the ‘old’ façade of Bletchley Railway Station. The entrance to the Booking Hall and Ticket Office was through a single door with the ticket office to the right. To the left the Ticket Collector used to stand behind a little partition to inspect the tickets. No trains departed from Platform 1, from here though you could access the sweeping stone steps which led to a footbridge where you could access the other platforms.

The Booking Hall had its own ‘resident artist’, many passengers used to admire the work of Albert Perry, Ticket Collector. Albert was very gifted and used to draw pictures relevant to the day on notice boards that were in the Booking Hall.

Ticket Collectors Bert Rolfe and Walter Perry

Ticket Collectors Bert Rolfe and Walter Perry


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The General Strike 1926

The year of 1926 found Bletchley facing a General Strike and it affected the railway community greatly, this happened over a 10-day period starting on May 3rd. Meetings and committees were formed and an enthusiastic start was planned but it was doomed and ended in bitterness and heartbreak. Short term working meant that families had to rely on strike pay to help with their everyday lives and much hardship was experienced. Solidarity for the Strike initially was good, however, volunteers started to run the railways and this caused some friction, maybe their family situations affected them but it weakened the position of the strikers.

The Station Band paraded regularly with the strikers proudly carrying the NUR Banner. The Strike Committee Headquarters were based in the Co-operative Hall, during that period the Bletchley Co-operative Society supported the rail unions; sadly though some traders in Bletchley were not quite so sympathetic!

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‘History is not just about events, it’s about people, their experiences, their triumphs and despairs, their hopes and fears and the way they live their lives.’

Click on the link below to see more interesting anecdotes and comments of a time that has now sadly disappeared.

This website has been put together by volunteers, whilst working on a project based on the railway history of Bletchley. The information was gathered using local resources and materials provided by Bletchley Community Heritage Initiative and The Living Archive, also through interviewing people and collecting their memories.


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Bletchley photos!

Following the present theme of ‘Memories of Bletchley Railway Station’ currently displayed at Bletchley Library here are two more photographs that may stir your memory.

The 'old' Bletchley Railway Bridge.

The ‘old’ Bletchley Railway Bridge, c.1960.

My childhood memories of the ‘old bridge’ are that whenever you had a heavy rain it always used to flood, quite a lot of cars getting stuck in the middle. Also, you may recollect the passenger tunnel to the left of the bridge was always dripping with water from the railway above, if you were not wet before you entered you most certainly were when you came out on the other side!

To the left of the picture is the entrance road to the Railway Station, see picture below:

The 'old' Station Approach in the 1920s. To the left of the picture Hands Garage stood. Towards the top of the road on the right hand side stood the Station Hotel, beyond that the Station entrance.

The ‘old’ Station Approach in the 1920s. To the left of the picture Hands Garage stood. Towards the top of the road on the right hand side is the Station Hotel, beyond that the Station entrance.

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