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Many thanks to all those who attended the Bletchley and Fenny Stratford Town Council’s Midsummer Madness event on Sunday 28 June.

We had a wonderful afternoon sharing photos, memories and information about Bletchley’s past in a very warm marquee.

Viewing the display of old photos

Viewing the display of old photos











And this photo was a particular delight for one young lady who recognised her father as a teenager in the lead at ‘We Are the Champions’ at Leon School in 1975.

We Are The Champions - inter-school competition on television

We Are The Champions – inter-school competition on television


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Van in a Jam

High vehicles passing under the old Bletchley Road (now Queensway) railway bridge had to take care as it was particularly low.

On one occassion a fully loaded van passed under the bridge with no trouble. Unfortunately when it returned empty the van was somewhat higher, due to it’s springs being released, and it got stuck. The driver, being a resourceful type of chap, noticed a group of schoolboys passing who were coming home from Wolverton. He asked them to jump into the back of the van to weigh it down. The van passed safely under the bridge, let the boys off, and continued on it’s way.

Old Railway Bridge

Old Railway Bridge

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An experimental bus shelter has now been erected in Aylesbury Street, and Bletchley Council asks for public opinion on the suitability of it’s design pending the erection of other shelters at various points.

Messrs. Goddens had protested about the shelter being in front of their shop, but they were told that it had only been erected there after the most careful consideration.

the Bletchley Old People’s Welfare Committee had also asked the Council to get on with the job as quickly as possible.

New Fascility in Aylesbury Street

New Facility in Aylesbury Street


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Well, it’s that time of the year again! Don’t forget to come along, as usual we will be displaying photographs ‘old and new’ of Bletchley, most importantly we would love to see you and hear some of your memories plus any photos you would like to share with us!

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I very much doubt that unless you have worked in the printing trade you will have heard of the name ‘wayzgoose’, well it was either a printer’s outing or a dinner generally provided by the Master Printer you worked for.

Recently, I found this photograph of an outing, not of printers but of the dart’s team from The George public house. I’m not too sure where the outing was, or ‘whatever you call an outing for darts players’, however I leave that one to your imagination!

Do recognize anybody from the darts team?

Any familiar faces you may know?

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