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Bletchley photos!

Recently we had a photographic display at Bletchley Library, this being for the ‘nationwide’ Heritage Weekend. It proved very popular with many visitors delighted by the photos on display. Of particular interest were two sets of photographs taken by Michael Brace showing the length of Queensway, one set was taken twenty years after the first and clearly showed how buildings and shops had changed over that period. On the same theme I’ve found these two photographs from our archive taken almost from the same spot, how things have changed over the years!

P1671a Entrance to Central Gardens from Queensway & Lennox Rd.

Above you can see the old entrance into the Central Gardens, Mokaris Cafe and the old Bletchley Printers Ltd building on the left hand side of the photograph. Below is a more modern photograph, taken in 1995 it shows the multi-storey car park used by residents and visitors to the Bletchley Leisure Centre. Of course as the locals know this has been demolished and is the beginning of Princes Way.

DBR P 003 Bletchley Leisure Centre Car Park 1995


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Sausage sizzling!

Are there any Scouts out there? If so you would I’m sure be familiar with the ‘Scouting’ Magazine. Looking through our photographic archive I came across this certificate presented to Scots Bowyers Ltd by the 5th Bletchley Cub Scout group. Perhaps you may have taken part in the event in 1976, if so perhaps you might like to let us know how many sausages you may have ‘burnt’!.

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