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I suppose it’s fair to say we’re all quite fascinated at the moment wondering what the extensive roadworks and change at the Brunel roundabout will eventually look like! This old photograph was taken when things were just a little bit quieter.

Just through the railway bridge looking down Bletchley Road in the 1900s! The Park Hotel is on the right of the photograph.

Just through the railway bridge looking down Bletchley Road in the early 1900’s! The Park Hotel is on the right of the photograph.


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We often have interesting debates about which shop was where in Queensway (or, previously, Bletchley Road). Shops have come and gone over the years and it’s sometimes difficult to remember specific names and locations. Luckily, some of the adverts in the Bletchley Gazette have helped us to piece together at least some of the information. Photos like this one – from a series taken of the whole street in 1995 by Michael Brace – are a great bonus. So remember, keep taking photos of your local area and let us have copies so we can prevent the frustration that’s sometimes caused by trying to remember the old days.

Queensway and Oxford Street Corner 1995

Queensway and Oxford Street Corner 1995

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I was asked recently for some photos of the inside of the leisure centre. Try these:

Squash court

Squash court

32446f OAP class at Leisure Centre Dec 1983

OAP class in the pool

34212 Break dancers Bletchley June 1985e

Break dancers perform in the hall

LG 21612e

Stylish bowling

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A very big thank you to all the Bletchley and Fenny Town Council staff and helpers who organised the Love Bletchley Day on 7 May. Our display of photos was very popular – as usual – and it was great to see Queensway as a whole buzzing with activity. With The Fenny Stompers, dancing troupes and Tai Chi club entertaining us at the bandstand, and the MKFM bus in attendance, there was never a dull moment in the Stanier Square area. I was so busy all day I didn’t get a chance to wander up Queensway to see the stalls up the other end.

We’ll publish a few of our display photos on here in the next few weeks. Here’s a couple to get you going. Recognise any faces?

Waiting inside 'The Snake' to sign up for swimming classes 1983

Waiting inside ‘The Snake’ to sign up for swimming classes 1983







Staff hard at work in Aquascutum 1983

Staff hard at work in Aquascutum 1983

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I was reading with interest some comments made by Sandra Waite a regular visitor to Talk About Bletchley, see below:

Hi Robbie, I was talking to my husband and son today about the old Shoulder of Mutton. Do you have a picture of it which gives more of an idea which side of the road it was on. My husband and son think it was where Tesco’s is now. Also, a picture of the three trees which grew in the middle of the road, and lastly, one of the old, haunted red brick house which later became The Three Trees public house. This will settle an argument. Thank you.

I’ve found these two old photographs Sandra that may help you, they show the exact location of the public house.

ESS P013 Cross Roads, Far Bletchley

This shows the location of the ‘old’ Shoulder of Mutton, the Buckingham Road runs to the right of the pub where the horse rider is.

RDO P136

Now if you are coming down the Buckingham Road the pub is on your right, just beyond is the Newton Road to the right.

Just to clarify your comments Sandra, the old red-brick ‘haunted house’ you mention. Years ago there was a house on the opposite corner (now the site of the newer Three Trees public house), this was at the time surrounded by old farm buildings that ran alongside the Shenley Road; was this the house you were talking about? Alternatively, on the other corner which is now where Tesco’s are located nearby there was also an old house, now demolished of course.

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