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Bletchley photos!

For some time Dave Walmsley one of our regular visitors to Talk About Bletchley has told us about his experiences as a butcher boy in Bletchley. These two photographs taken in Queensway in 2002 will I’m sure bring back memories to some of you also.

The meat van on Market Day!

The meat van on Market Day just before the auction!

If you enlarge the photographs it is interesting to see how much the two butcher’s charged for their meat products!

A queue outside D. P. Clarke's butchers shop in Queensway.

A queue outside D. P. Clarke’s butchers shop in Queensway.


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Bletchley photos!

In 1975 this group of children were all set to go on their pantomime treat, for some reason the outing was cancelled! Instead they all went to the cinema instead.

Happy youngsters queueing outside The Studio cinema.

Happy children queueing outside The Studio cinema.

A reliable source has told me that the youngsters ‘did not attend’ the X-rated film that was advertised on the front of the cinema, a more appropriate one was chosen!

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Unfortunately, we have now reached the season of cold, frosty and foggy mornings! I have to admit the colours of Autumn are spectacular but when I think of what could be round the corner it brings on a slight shiver! Just to keep your spirits up before Christmas here’s an idyllic photograph of Yew Tree Cottage, Church Green Road in Springtime.


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The venue was the Wilton Hall, the year 1979, perhaps somebody out there may even remember the event!


Rocking the night away!

Over the years many youngsters and possibly some ‘older rockers’ used to enjoy the regular Saturday gigs. It would be interesting to hear who your ‘favourite’ star or group was, please let us know!

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A long forgotten ‘hostelry’  in Fenny Stratford, The Navigation Inn! A little further up the road just past the public house to the right are Grover’s Motor Cycle Works. Unlike the previous photograph this was taken looking north.

A busy scene out The Navigation Inn, the 'strong arm of the law' surveys the scene from the right!

A busy scene outside The Navigation Inn, the ‘strong arm of the law’ surveys the scene from the left!




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Many of you will recognize the location of this photograph instantly, yes it is indeed the Fenny Stratford crossroads looking towards Little Brickhill; just around the corner to the right is St Martin’s Church. In our archive it mentions a Mr Gray, it would be interesting to know if anybody knows the history of the gentleman, possibly he may be a shopkeeper or even a local dignitary,  if anybody has information on this we would love to know.

The gentleman to the left of the photograph is Mr Gray.

The gentleman to the left of the photograph is I believe Mr Gray.

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Bletchley photos!

The first school I ever went to in the 1940s was Old Bletchley Infants School in Church Green Road. Being a Church of England school every Thursday we used to have to walk down hand-in-hand clutching our 1d (old money) collection to St Mary’s Church. Seeing these two old photographs in our BCH archive brought back many memories. The first photograph showing these cottages was about 100 yards from the school.

These lovely old thatched cottages were quite a landmark for many years

These lovely old thatched cottages were quite a landmark for many years.

The next photograph although possibly not taken at the same time as the one above shows a row of more modern cottages. To imagine there location they stand back a little from the road and are positioned on the left-hand side just past the old thatched cottages.

These are Noel Cottages in 1905, the thatched cottages in the background are the cottages in the first photograph.

These are Noel Cottages, the photograph was taken in 1905; the thatched cottages to the left of the background are the ones in the first photograph.

To help you understand the location, Rickley Lane is just round the corner to the right!

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