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Sandra Waite one of our regular visitors to Talk About Bletchley asked if we could find a photograph of the ‘old’ Post Office in Bletchley Road. Sandra’s memories went back to her childhood but she could not remember the location of the building. We knew the Post Office was run and managed by Mr H. J. Hedley Clarke so we have delved into our archive and have found this very old photograph from the 1920s. As a child in the 1940s I remembered the ‘old’ Post Office, however although the location is the same the shop frontage had most certainly been changed from the 1920s photograph. Unfortunately Sandra, we have been unable to find a photograph of the interior!

The old Post Office is to the left, the name of Hedley Clarke can be seen on the shop front.

Perhaps somebody out there may still have a photograph of the ‘old’ Post Office in the 1940s, if so please let us have a look at it. To help you sort out the location of the ‘old’ Post Office I think I’m correct in saying it was more or less in the same location as Pollard’s ironmongery shop before their relocation to Aylesbury Street.


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Holdom’s window was worth a look

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