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Bletchley photos!

Over the years many parents used to make the annual pilgrimage to Iron’s Shoe Shop in Bletchley, particularly before the new school term commenced; one of the main reasons for this was because the shop had the latest technology to measure children’s feet, ensuring the shoes purchased were a perfect fit. It was at the time considered state-of-the-art, the youngster’s feet were expertly measured by Mr Iron’s and his staff and they were always willing to give good sound advice.

Left: the frontage of Iron’s Shoe shop in Bletchley Road: Right: the interior of the shop, three young Mum’s wait while their children have their feet measured.


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I’ve always been slightly sceptical about horoscopes in the daily newspaper, sometimes their predictions seem to me a bit too far fetched. However, I don’t really want to get into a debate or upset anybody on that, because I know some people believe in them implicitly and if they get comfort from that it’s good!

On December 13th, 1983, Russell Grant the British astrologer and media personality came to the Bletchley Co-operative Society in Queensway. Looking at the photographs I do wonder if it was the beginning of the Christmas celebrations at the local store. Most certainly the staff and customers seem to be having a great time!

Russell and the staff in party mode!

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Chestnut Chasers!

Now here’s a photograph from the 1950s, the event was clearly part of the local celebrations for the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II! Looking at the location I think it was possibly taken outside The Plough public house in Water Eaton. The group were called the ‘Chestnut Chasers’ which might indicate a connection with Chestnut Crescent!

I know it was over 60 years ago but possibly somebody can shed some light on what was actually going on, possibly a run from pub to pub! Maybe, one of the ‘Chasers’ could fill us in with some details, or alternatively one of their relatives. Whatever, we would be pleased to hear from you!

Clearly a fit band of men, ripe and ready for the off!


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Here’s a really old photograph of The Old Swan, Shenley Road, Old Bletchley. To help some of you get your bearings the road ahead leads to the crossroads (originally called Trees Square). Straight over the road leads to Newton Longville, the road to the right goes to Buckingham, then if you turn left at the bottom of Shenley Road you would climb Majors Hill which would lead you along the Buckingham Road to the Bletchley Railway Station; hope my directional skills have not confused you! Also, on the  opposite  corner was the old Shoulder of Mutton public house.

A gentleman stands outside The Old Swan, possibly waiting for a well-deserved drink!


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Now here’s one for your diary! During September 7 – 10 ‘many’ local attractions are opening up for the general public to go and enjoy!; also, if you are unaware entry is free! However, at some of the events entry is by ticket so to avoid disappointment I would suggest you register your interest as early as possible.


The green booklet mentions 74 different locations you can visit, some of these are old churches, museums, houses, even walks in the Milton Keynes area that you have never visited before.

Thoroughly recommended so have a good time!

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