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Top Ten!

Looking back in some old editions of the Bletchley Gazette I was reminded of the time I used to work on Sounds Magazine, a pop/rock newspaper. I was a little younger then and the pop scene used to be a bit more familiar to me, having said that perusing the Top Ten best selling records in Bletchley in November 1968 has reminded me that I have forgotten most of the artists that topped the charts during that period. Have a look yourselves and see if you remember any of these, apart from Mannfred Mann, Herman’s Hermits and Engelbert Humperdinck the rest of the artistes seem to be a bit of a blur!



Best selling pop records in Bletchley were:

  1. ‘Everlasting love’, The Love Affair.

  2. ‘Judy in disguise’, John Ford and his Playboy Band.

  3. ‘Mighty Quinn’, Manfred Mann.

  4. ‘Bend me, Shape Me’, Amen Corner.

  5. ‘Am I that easy to forget?’, Engelbert Humperdinck.

  6. ‘She wears my ring’, Solomon King.

  7. ‘I can take or leave your loving’, Herman’s Hermits.

  8. ‘Everything I am’, The Plastic Penny.

  9. ‘Back on my feet again’, The Foundations.

  10. ‘Gimme little sign’, Brenton Wood.



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It will soon be Remembrance Day 2018, the years pass by but the commemoration of the two great wars still bring back memories of the dreadful loss of life and destruction to many. Looking back in the Bletchley Gazette archives there was a report in the November 8th, 1968 edition, that at the time was rather controversial!


Bletchley Area British Legion Women will be marching in Remembrance Day Parades as usual on Sunday, despite what has been described as an ‘order’ that women should not take part in parades as they do not march smartly enough.

The women’s section are ‘up in arms’ about the reported ‘order’ – although it has been denied that it referred to Remembrance Days – and they have the support of the Legion men.

Mrs Rose Smith, Secretary of the women’s section told us on Wednesday: Our members were up in arms.

She said they had been annoyed because it had been suggested that women had been ‘sort of ambling along’ at parades. But we shall be on parade on Sunday.

Mrs Brand said, some of our members are getting on a bit in years and perhaps they don’t march like the Wrens!

Well done the Bletchley ladies!

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