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A London  woman who said “she always take it on the chin” denied scratching her sister – in- law’s face, but admitted giving “a smack in the eye,” at Bletchley  Magistrates  Court last Thursday.

The case was a sequel to a scene in Newton Road on March 18th and the woman was bound over to be of good behaviour for 12 months. She was advised to keep away from Bletchley.


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Kids on cracker

This flight of fancy shows Brian Adams and brother Paul, of 61 Church Green Road, rivalling Santa Claus.

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From  the Bletchley Gazette January 5th 1957

Heavy rain on New Year’s Eve tended to dampen some of the traditional celebrations in Bletchley, but the new year received it’s customary salute from the whistles of every railway engine in the area.

Bletchley St. Mary’s bellringers, rang out the old year just before midnight and rang in the new after the clock had chimed.

Most churches held watch-night services, dances were crowded, and with many of the public houses having special extensions many toasts to the new year were drunk.

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Four Bletchley men, Mr C. Wellings, Mr. W. Clifton, Mr E T. Williams, and Mr M. Pilgrim,  will soon have different jobs now that it  has been agreed to dispense with the ‘knocking-up’ of railwaymen working pre-arranged terms.

These four have done most of the knocking-up in Bletchley and are on duty from midnight to 6 a.m.

On ordinary nights some 50 to 60 drivers, firemen and guards are called, but a good many prefer not to be called.

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The discoloration of  the Bletchley water supply on Sunday and Monday was not due to any fault at the water works, but is presumed to have been caused by the vibration of a Bucks Water Board contractor’s mechanical excavator near Bletchley’s old eight-inch main near Sandhouse.

At Tuesday’s Council meeting Cllr. S. Maycock stated: “When it was apparent the discoloration was widespread and not confined to a particular area of the town, tests were made of the water being pumped to the reservoir, and of water in the reservoir. The former was perfectly clear, whilst that from the reservoir was somewhat discoloured.”

The problem was eventually solved, and a supply of clear water was obtained.

A local reservoir feeding a railway pumping station

A local reservoir feeding a railway pumping station

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Proposal to start Council meetings with prayer

You may have seen press coverage recently about Parliament considering a proposal to allow councils to start their meetings with a prayer. As far back as 1951, Bletchley Urban District Council received just such a proposal.  Seems the town has always been ahead of the game.

In April of 1951 the local Deanery asked councils in the area to ‘start your meetings with prayer’. In May of that year (after the local elections) the Chairman, Mr H Price, gave notice that he would move a resolution that the council should comply with this request. However, at a lively meeting on 26 May, fully reported in the Bletchley Gazette. the proposal met with strong opposition and the resolution was withdrawn.

Newspaper headline, May 1951

Newspaper headline, May 1951

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In the Gazette…

Some  enthusiastic singing was heard at the Spurgeon Memorial Church on Saturday evening at what was hoped would be the first of a series of annual choral festivals.

There was a choir of about 200 voices drawn from the Free Church choirs of North Bucks, and the festival took the form of three anthems, selected hymns for the choir, and two congregational hymns.

Perhaps the best singing was heard in a new setting of the 23rd Psalm, composed by the festival’s conductor, Mrs. Gertie Bedford, ARCO. The tune was pleasing and the singing dignified and unhurried.

The singing was enjoyed by both the choir themselves, and by an appreciative audience.

Mr Eric Alderman made an efficient organ accompanist, and also played a number of pieces before the start of the service.

Choirs represented were the West End and Wesley Methodists Wolverton, Wolverton Congregational, New Bradwell Baptists, New Bradwell Methodists, Loughton Baptists, Drayton Parslow Baptists and the Bletchley Free Churches.

Spurgeon Baptist Choir

Spurgeon Baptist Choir c1950

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