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Bletchley Community Heritage in action
In the past few weeks we’ve had visits from over 80 children who attend two Bletchley schools to study aspects of Bletchley’s past with us.

Living Archive Education Officer, Helen O’Hara, led three sessions using our archive material here in the library. The first group investigated the stories of local men who took part in the First World War. We even had a memorial plaque from the old Spurgeon organ which had the name of one of the people they were researching. A big thank you to Doug Sellers for bringing that in.

The next two groups were looking at Bletchley since 1945 and we displayed a load of old photos to give them an idea of how things were and how they had changed. The also studied maps of the town. Three of our volunteers then sat with the children, answering their questions and sharing their memories of local life.

All of the children were a credit to their schools and I hope they enjoyed the sessions as much as we did.

Bletchley Road (Queensway) 1960s

Bletchley Road (Queensway) 1960s


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School Holidays

First Day of Term

First Day of Term at Bletchley Road School

`The long school holiday in the summer was enjoyed by most children, especially as the weather always seemed to be good, or is my memory is failing.
I used to hate to see the ‘Back to School’ displays in the shop windows as it meant that the long break was nearly over.

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Music Lessons

At the old Bletchley Road Secondary Modern School we were taught music by Mr ‘Ferdie’ French. One of the text books we used contained chapters on classical composers. At the beginning of each chapter was the name of the composer. Some wag in the class had added their own prefix or suffix to the name, so we had Chopin ‘wood’, Bach ‘soon’, Offenbach ‘earlier’, ‘shopping’ Liszt, ‘door’ Handel, Haydn ‘seek’ and ‘un’ Ravel. It added a bit of light relief to what many found a rather dull lesson.

Bletchley Road School


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Abbeys School Bus

We recently recieved this photo of a bus named Abigail (or could it be Abbeygail) that was owned by Abbeys School in the 1970s.  Do you remember this bus?  Are you in the picture or can you name anyone here?  Do you have any other photos or memories of Abbeys School?  We’d love to add them to the archive.

A school trip

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We have many images of pupils and teachers at the school which bring back many memories to those who attended. Some of the teachers were real characters, many of them had nicknames  such as ‘Jotter Jones’, ‘Buck Jones’ and ‘Ferdy French’. I remember walking in pairs to Bletchley Park playing field for school sports day.  

Part of Bletchley Road School in 1956

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