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Many people take advantage of the home delivery service offered by most supermarkets.

Long before there was a supermarket in Bletchley, we used to have many things delivered to, and collected from our homes.

I remember the red Co-op vans delivering bread, and milk floats delivering silver and gold top bottles of milk.

Then there was the Cook brothers’ greengrocery van on Saturdays.

A laundry mark on a pair of my mother’s old sheets we discovered, reminded me of the Leighton Laundry regular collections and deliveries.

Another weekly visitor was the unfortunately named ‘Pig Man’ from the ‘piggery’ in Water Eaton  Road.

He came to collect food waste, which we put in an old oil drum with a wooden lid, kept in our back yard.

The coal man used to deliver coal and coke (that’s the fuel, not the drink).

Then there was the paraffin man with his tank lorry, the rag and bone man, and the knife and scissor sharpener, not to mention the grocer delivering the order which you had previously left at his shop.

Lastly, the dustman who even used to come round to the back garden to fetch the bin, empty it  into the dustcart, and believe it or not, replace it where he had found it.  Aah, happy days.


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