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BCHI is at the Melrose Avenue Resource Centre on Tuesday afternoons and Thursday mornings.  We have a display in the window, gather memories and photos and discuss Bletchley’s past with visitors.  It’s great to be part of  this fantastic new facility for the local community, which has sessions for advice, information and other assistance available.  Drop in for a coffee or tea, use one of the computers, swap a book  or just sit and have a chat with other locals.


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West Bletchley Council

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People don’t think of what is  now West Bletchley as having a heritage but people have been here for a long time.  Post-war development was in full swing in 1951 and continued beyond the start of Milton Keynes.  And a very long time before that, the original hamlet of Bletchley, with St Mary’s church at its heart existed from at least the 12th century.  So there is a long history in this part of town – but where will it go from here?  What is happening in West Bletchley now?  Have a look at the West Bletchley Council website to see what we’re doing within the community.

Buckingham Road, Old Bletchley

Castles Shopping Centre 1963

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