A London  woman who said “she always take it on the chin” denied scratching her sister – in- law’s face, but admitted giving “a smack in the eye,” at Bletchley  Magistrates  Court last Thursday.

The case was a sequel to a scene in Newton Road on March 18th and the woman was bound over to be of good behaviour for 12 months. She was advised to keep away from Bletchley.


Leaky Citadel

Former Bletchley Salvation Army Hall, Church Street

Bletchley Gazette 9/11/57

During a concert given by the band and children’s choir at the Salvation Army Citadel in Church Street, water poured in from the roof near the skylight where tiles had been torn off by the gale the previous night.

In next to no time, there ‘rivers’ running along the floor of the hall. Buckets, bowls and a bath were fetched to catch the water, but by this time members of the band were forced to move. There was also a shifting around by members of  the congregation who wanted to keep their feet dry.

Renny Lodge Gates Go

Bletchley Gazette 19/10/57

The four huge gates at the entrance to Renny Lodge Hospital in Newport Pagnell have been pulled down, and with them has been the last characteristics of the old ‘poor law’ establishment. Many Bletchley people went to stay there over the years. The gates were 12 feet  high, made of iron, and weighed several hundredweights.

It is hoped that just as the gates are gone, so also will go the last preduces of those people who have always thought of Renny Lodge as the workhouse, and to go there meant social disgrace.

For many years now Renny Lodge has been a friendly hospital where expert treatment is given, especially to the older folk.

Bletchley Rotary Charity Ball

Does any one recognize any faces in this photo ?

Three children singing heartily at the Freeman Memorial Methodist Church carol service in 1957. This newspaper clip was taken from The Methodist Recorder.

The Queen visits Bletchley!

Quite often somebody asks, ‘when did Bletchley Road change its name to Queensway’? Well, I can tell you it was in 1966, to commemorate the visit of the Queen and Prince Philip to Bletchley. If I recollect it was not a particularly warm day although the Queen looked pretty snug in her limousine! Schoolchildren and members of the public waved flags along the route as the car travelled along Bletchley Road.


For a full report on the days busy schedule have a look at the link below:


An ‘uncertain’ future!

For those of us who have faced redundancy it is a very unsettling and daunting prospect, I can certainly confirm that; fortunately for me and most of my work colleagues we were soon able to find employment.

In December 1981 though Scot Meat Products were facing a most uncertain future, just days before the Christmas break! The Milton Keynes Express newspaper clip below shows the determination of Scot’s staff to try and save the company.