Sid comes to town!

One of the much-loved stars from the ‘Carry On’ films was Sid James. Here are two photographs of Sid opening Walton’s Menswear shop in Bletchley. Are you one of the happy shoppers queueing up for Sid’s signature?


Fenny Stompers!

A good friend of the Bletchley Community Heritage is Dennis Vick. Dennis a very talented musician and one of the founder members of The Fenny Stompers, a great group of entertainers who have held numerous events locally, not to forget of course the I Love Bletchley days!

Fenny Stompers at The Bletchley Bowls Club.

A look back at the past!

As many of you know because of the refurbishment at Bletchley Library we know longer have a home there. I’m pleased to tell you now though we are all over at the Milton Keynes Museum, along with our fellow volunteers from The Living Archive. Here’s an old photograph from our days at the Library in Bletchley.

Some of our Friday volunteers, left to right: Michael Grace, Alan Kay, the late Eric Kilsby (a good friend who visited us often), Peter Copperwheat.


Knights in shining armour!

During this cold spell it’s nice to look back at the ‘good old warm days of summer’! Here’s a picture taken at the West Bletchley Carnival and it looks quite lively with plenty of action; not too sure who the victor was but the two knights in blue seem to be getting a real pasting!

An anxious referee looks worriedly from his stand.

2366 A.T.C. Squadron

I have found this small newspaper clipping that unfortunately I do not have too much information about. As you see it’s a report about the forming of the A.T.C. Squadron in Bletchley. If anybody can fill in the year it happened I would be pleased to hear from them; possibly past and current members of the A.T.C. might be able to fill in the gaps for us.

Thirty-eight cadets were enrolled into the recently-formed 2366 (Bletchley) Squadron, Air Training Corps which is attached to the Oxon and Bucks wing of the A.T.C.

At their second meeting at the Bletchley Road Secondary School on Wednesday evening, the cadets had drill practice and many were measured for uniforms.

The Squadron Commander is Flt.-Lt. L. E. Prisley, who lives in Cosgrove. He is being helped by Mr A. Butler, Mr J. Biggs, Mr E. Smart and Mr E. Probyn, who have yet to be commissioned.

Group photograph with plane.

‘Divi’ day!

Long before the large supermarkets started offering their ‘discounts’ and ‘gift stamps’ the Co-op was very much in the forefront offering their Co-operative dividend.

Most regular shoppers were members of their local Co-operative Society, having a unique membership number. Every time they made a purchase it was credited to their membership account, the dividend I think I am correct in saying was issued twice a year to members. On ‘divi’ day there was often quite a queue as members collected their dividend.

The Christmas Season

Kids on cracker

This flight of fancy shows Brian Adams and brother Paul, of 61 Church Green Road, rivalling Santa Claus.