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As many of you know the Bletchley Community Heritage used to be based at the Westfield Road Library. We were given notice that the Bletchley Library was to close for refurbishment, when finished there would no longer be any space for BCH; in consequence we were ‘homeless’ so to speak. Finding a suitable new home proved difficult in Bletchley, however, BCH being part of The Living Archive we were fortunate that we were able to be accommodated with them at The Milton Keynes Museum at McConnell Drive, Wolverton.

I’ve included the link to the Living Archive and hope you will find it interesting, it does contain a section about Bletchley and also a wider selection of interest throughout Milton Keynes.


We do have an active following to our Talk About Bletchley website and we thank you for this and hope that will continue, so please keep in touch! Although not being in Bletchley now we can still be contacted at: bchi.info@gmail.com


Of course, mentioning ‘The Milton Keynes Museum’, this if you don’t already know is ‘always’ well worth a visit!


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Over the years Bletchley has faced criticism over the decline of Queensway, many shoppers much preferring to travel over to ‘big brother’ Milton Keynes. Unfortunately though, like many other smaller towns Bletchley has also suffered from out of town shopping precincts and this too has not helped encourage larger stores from coming to the town; having said that we must not forget the smaller traders in the town who are doing a ‘great’ job in providing goods for those not wishing to travel further afield.

Shoppers enjoying the ‘light and airy’ Brunel Centre in 2002.

The debate about the old Bletchley & District Co-operative Society site goes on, whether it would be better to pull it down, then develop an area that would be more attractive to both locals and visitors alike. Whatever the outcome it is up to the ‘powers that be’, hopefully one day we will hear some good news.

It would though be interesting to hear your views, hopefully positive rather than negative about how you would like to see Queensway develop.

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Anyone remember this from the 1970s?

Information Stand in Queensway

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Now here’s a picture of a man ‘sweating over a hot stove’! Many of you will remember Mokaris cafe at the entrance to the Central Gardens, possibly even called in there for a refreshing cup of coffee after the weekly shop. I have recently found this photograph captioned Mokaris baker, Fred Kingaby, the picture was taken sometime in 1974; if anybody can confirm that the photograph is of Fred please let us know.

Fred mopping his brow!

Also, please let us know if you were a regular at Mokaris, as many of us know they certainly made a lovely cup of coffee!

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